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Off-road recreation is one of the fastest growing outdoor family activities of the current century. It is estimated that there are nearly one million ORVs in Michigan alone, and the number will continue to grow.

There are over 3,900 miles of off-road trails and ORV routes in Michigan, including the Michigan Cross Country Cycle Trail – 750 miles of continuous trail! In addition, there are four scramble areas and sand dunes riding at Silver Lake State Park.

In recent years, ORV registration fees have been used to build and maintain new sections of the statewide trail system. These new trails are both scenic and challenging, and return to the start of each section in a “loop” fashion, making logistics a simple matter to plan for – especially important when the group includes younger riders!

The Cycle Conservation Club of Michigan encourages all trail system users to register their off-road vehicles – both two wheeled and four – and to always wear protective gear while operating your off-road vehicle. Helmets and eye protection are required by law. Click here for the Paper CCC membership application!

NEW Online Membership System Instructions

Your CCCMI account is now fully managed using our online system. We’ve imported the member data we had on file into the new system, but you will need to setup your online account to gain access.

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I mailed in my membership form a few weeks ago, should I still purchase an account online?

No, you do not need to purchase an account online if you mailed in your forms recently. Forms that were received from late March to today were held to be processed using the new system. We are working through them as quickly as possible. As soon as we enter in your paper form order you will receive an email with your order receipt and will see your membership order when you log into the My Account area.

I’ve been a member for a while now, but my account did not come up? 

We transitioned the data as best we could from our records, but it is inevitable that some data was incomplete or incorrect. Please contact us we’ll help get your account straightened out.

I never received my “Forgot Password” email.

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