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Cycle Conservation Club of Michigan

The Cycle Conservation Club of Michigan

The Cycle Conservation Club of Michigan is a non-profit organization committed to the conservation of our wild lands while promoting the sport of off-road motorcycling. During the riding season, organized “trail tours” are held at various locations throughout the trail system in the northern part of the state. In addition, The Cycle Conservation Club of Michigan sponsors the “Ultimate Trail Ride” – the Michael R. Burlingham Memorial Six Days of Michigan. Six full days of off-road riding – there’s no other ride like it anywhere in the world!

Your membership in The Cycle Conservation Club of Michigan includes a one year subscription to the Great Lakes TrailRider Magazine, a detailed electronic ORV map listing (on flash drive) of the Michigan trail system, access to all CCC events and activities plus access to the members’ section of this website. To join, simply purchase a membership online, or download, complete and mail the paper PDF form, or contact the CCC office at 517-599-0300.

***  2022 ORV Sticker Update  ***

We want to share some info on the recent interruption in supply of ORV stickers associated with 2022 CCC membership renewals. The club has had several hundred sets on order since early April but the state has been unable to fill our orders. To date, we’ve received only a portion of what we had expected at this point. However, the season is upon us and a number of riders are still waiting on membership cards and stickers. In light of this situation, we cannot accept any remittance for goods we cannot deliver.

How this impacts me? 

• I have sent for, and received CCC membership and/or ORV/ORV Trail stickersNo impact 

• I only applied for a CCC Membership or renewal of my existing CCC membership – No impact 

• I ordered my ORV stickers online at the CCC website – All money paid through the CCC website for ORV stickers that cannot be fulfilled in time for the Rites of Spring will be refunded. Membership portions of orders will be retained for membership renewals.

• I mailed a check to the CCC for membership renewal and ORV stickers – These checks will be voided and orders for renewal and stickers will be canceled. Membership renewals will need to be resubmitted online or through the mail. Online renewals are the fastest way possible. If this is you, we encourage you to log on to The Cycle Conservation Club website and create an account to renew your membership. Memberships are processed instantly, and your updated card will be emailed to you.

The Cycle Conservation Club’s online signup can be found at https://cccmi.net/login/

Where to get ORV Stickers – Look Local 

  • You can purchase the thermal transfer printed ORV stickers at any merchant that sells Michigan hunting/fishing licenses. This often includes hardware stores, Meijer, Walmart, etc.
  • The preprinted ORV stickers will be made available when we receive them. At present, we have no assurance as to when that will be.

We thank you for your patience and understanding as we navigate through this unforeseeable event. We strongly encourage you to stay legal when on the trail, so please make sure that you have the required stickers/licensing for where you are riding.

Support the Benzie County Single Track Motorcycle Trail!

How about 25-35 miles of new single track in the Michigan ORV Trail System?

The Benzie Single Track Motorcycle Trail proposal started in 2016 and is now part way through the MDNR review process. It’s a technically excellent application, and needs your support to become reality!

Please contact your state senator and state representative. A sample letter template is below for you to use as a starting point. Share with your elected officials why you support the creation of more recreational opportunities and what it means to you and your family. Share the MDNR Trail ID#0602102020004 in your communications! Please reinforce that we need new trail opportunities in addition to maintenance of the existing trail system.

David Geisler and Sean Duperron have briefed state Senator Curt VanderWall and staff, and they are in support. State Representative Jack O’Malley will be briefed as well, as the proposed new trail will be in his district, too.  

Please encourage others to reach out to their state senators and representatives and ask them to support the proposal. In addition, there is strength in numbers. If you’re not already a member, please consider joining The Cycle Conservation Club of Michigan. We support this application and all initiatives to create and preserve off-road riding opportunities consistent with our mission in the state of Michigan. 

Feel free to ask questions. Both Dave Geisler, david.geisler.0510@gmail.com and Sean Duperron, sduperron@charter.net can provide additional information.

Support Letter Template

The Honorable “State Representative”,

My name is _X_.  I am an avid off-road motorcyclist and regular user of the Michigan ORV Trail System. In addition, I belong to The Cycle Conservation Club of Michigan, the state’s leading advocate organization for off-road motorcycle recreation.

There is a proposal to create a new motorcycle trail currently in the MDNR system, proposal  MDNR Trail ID#0602102020004. The proposal is well designed and located in Benzie County, an area of the state currently lacking in off-road motorcycle recreation opportunities.

With your support, the new Benzie Single Track Motorcycle Trail would compliment the established ORV trails in our state, boost the local economy and provide a valuable recreational outlet for motorcyclists of all ages.

The approval of this proposal would be exciting news for myself, my family and fellow off-roaders alike. Your support for the Benzie Single Track Motorcycle Trail would be greatly appreciated.


The Cycle Conservation Club of Michigan has Two Open Positions!

For job descriptions of each of the open position…

click here for the CCC Executive Director‘s job position.
click here for the CCC Trail Maintenance and Grading Coordinator‘s job description.

Interested applicants are required to submit a cover letter along with a current resume of qualifications to The Cycle Conservation Club of of Michigan Board of Governors President Steve Smalla. Email address: sjsmalla@charter.net. Steve can also be contacted by cell at 517-599-0300.